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Search Engines and The Google “Panda” Updates

We put a lot of money in marketing to get new customers. If they don’t find us on search engines, most probable that they will not find us at all. Search engines are dominate in marketing, so without good position your site will not became popular at all and search engine rankings are everything.

Search Engines and Directories

search engines

There are two types of search services – computerized search engines and human developed directories. Search engines provide computer generated results based upon algorithms that provide a relevancy to the keyword submitted. But, directories are built by humans, who review and categorize sites into a hierarchal structure, approve submitted descriptions of the site and determine keyword relevancy.

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Submit site to Search Engines

Submitting site to search engine is not difficult process. That is a process where the site owner or a paid service requests that the search engine crawlers visit a site and index the text on the site. Many people think that submitting site to search engine will solve all problems and their site will be first in search results, but it is not so simple. That submitting does not guarantee you any preferred placement, does not guarantee the search engine crawler will visit your site although most search engine crawlers will eventually visit your site and index it.

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Optimizing Web Pages for Search Engines

web crawler

When we are talking about optimizing web page of some website, then we talk about how will web crawler or spider crawl our web and index it. Spider or web crawler is mysterious creature that visit each web site and indexes it. Crawler or spider has job to read text on web site and index it (or add it to a database). It is also good to know that each search engine will crawl web page differently accoding according to their “rules” (the mathematical algorithm) for relevancy, and put them on different search position.

Search engine optimization of web pages requires good text desing element that will be good for relevancy with the different search engines. There is often situation in which minor changes on page causes to lose search position. That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t make any changes to our website, but major redesign of text may cause us to start over from scratch with optimization.

Important is to remember that crawler can only index text for relevancy of site in search.

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Page Title and Page Content

The page title appears on the top bar of your web browser.

page title of business in economy

There are many reasons why is page title very important factor in web optimization because almost all search engines consider page title as very valuable in their relevancy rankings.

Beside page title, most important part is page content.

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Meta Tags

Meta-tags are a simple of website code and associated variables that the visitor to the web page cannot see but that web crawlers can.

meta tag of business in economy

Most important meta-tags for crawlers are description and keywords tag.

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Paid and Free Listings

There are a number of different plans offered by various search services that determine how you can be listed or receive premium placement in the service. Each service will have its own business model, and possibly different options depending on the popularity of the keywords you.

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