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Search Engine and Article Directory Linking

There are two types of search services – computerized search engines and human developed directories. There is also another category of search service called the meta-search engine. Most of the top search services are hybrids, giving first preference to results delivered from their directory followed by results from the search engine.

search engines

In a nutshell, search engines provide computer generated results based upon mathematical algorithms that provide a statistical “relevancy” to the keyword submitted. Directories are built by humans, who review and categorize sites into a hierarchical structure, write or approve submitted descriptions of the site, and determine relevancy to the keywords.

article directory linking

The first section of this chapter will focus on the search engine. For most small businesses the search engines represent the most realistic potential we have to be found on the Internet. That is because virtually all directories require for-profit businesses to pay for inclusion and pay a premium to be placed at the top of the results. But more on that later.

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