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Leveraging Web Technologies

Here we discuss both website technology and generalized explanations of how the Internet works. This is not designed to be a comprehensive technical resource – there are millions of pages of technical information available on the Internet and in books.This will be an oversimplification of very complex topics.

The TCP/IP Protocol Suite

internet tcp/ip protocol

A network protocol is a standard for communication between computers. TCP/IP is short for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. TCP/IP is a system comprised of several protocols with specific functions.

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This is protocols that cannot be part of the TCP/IP protocol suite. Most known internet protocols are:


http protocol

HTTP stands for hyper-text transfer protocol. HTTP is not really a part of the TCP/IP suite but it uses TCP/IP for transporting web pages over the Internet


server and client

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. Although HTTP will also do an excellent job of transferring files, FTP is designed specifically for that purpose….

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