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Essential WebSite Business Elements to Consider

The estimates of the number of pages on the Internet range from 4–6 billion with the Google search engine algorithm actually indexing over 3 billion – which is staggering. You can assume that not all these pages have fresh, relevant and valuable content nor are they well designed, as a matter of fact there are quite a few that are absolutely terrible in their content and execution.

element Essential WebSite Business Elements to Consider

Good website design, layout and optimization are as much a science as an art. An emerging field of research called Human Computer Interaction (HCI) is the study of how human beings use the web – search, navigate, and locate information on computer browsers. Information Architecture (IA) is another new discipline that studies how users prefer to see and digest the ways in which information is organized and presented.

Copious studies have been done on information design and content layout principles that are commonly accepted in the print industry and adaptations of these principles are being transferred to website design because they are most “familiar.”.

hyperlinks Essential WebSite Business Elements to Consider

As we learn more about these new web technologies and sciences, we find that the interactive nature of the Internet requires that information be presented differently than it would be for a printed publication. We find that the ability to create hyperlinks allows us to offer multiple levels of detail for the website visitor so they can choose anything from a quick overview to a detailed description of the information presented on your website to quick navigation to what they are really interested in learning more about.

not organized Essential WebSite Business Elements to Consider

We want to make a good first and lasting impression to our newest virtual visitors or they are not likely to return to your homepage. This may be even more important than a good first impression with a live person! I went to the grand opening of a newly opened store in a small town. The sign on the front was hand-painted on a piece of paneling, the display window was broken and duct-taped and the inside of the store was disorganized and very drab and not very stimulating visually. Some items had price tags, some didn’t. Items and products that should have been grouped logically together were on opposite sides of the showroom floor etc. Needless to say, I wasn’t impressed.

Your website visitor’s first impression is at least as important as their first impression of your physical storefront. There is a vast difference between having the ability to design a website and designing a good website that flows the way it should and is aesthetically pleasing in order to keep your “bounce rate” lower. By identifying and avoiding some of the most common website design mistakes we can greatly increase our chances of a successful Internet marketing campaign and boost conversion ratios dramatically.

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