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Have you ever visited a website where you weren’t sure what the purpose of the website was? Did they make it clear what the potential was for you to be their customer? Did the site provide the information you were looking for?

big companies difference

Some companies don’t need to tell us who they are or what they do. Pepsi and Disney have no need to explain who they are. Unfortunately, most small businesses are not so well known or they wouldn’t be small businesses.

Small business websites often are short on content and lacking in clarity. We may assume that our current customers know who we are and what we do so our web visitors will know too. However, a stranger to your website will leave quickly if they aren’t sure that you have what they want.

questions about home page content

Remember the six W’s (actually five W’s and an H)? Your narrative on the home page should include this information.

Who: Who are you?

What: What do you do?

When: When are you open for business?

Where: Where are you located?

How: How do I communicate with you and do business with you?

Why: Why would I want to do business with you?

You should cover these six W’s in 500 words or less. Incorporate the keywords and phrases you think are most important to your business, repeating them several times. In the chapter on search engines we’ll discuss why careful repetition of keywords is essential to optimum placement in the search engines. Make your introduction inviting and informative, friendly and readable, and you will have accomplished a big part of your web marketing task!

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