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Complete Business Plan

Components for Writing A Complete Business Plan are:

Components that are marked with * means that is already contained in Quick Business Plan Writing Made Easy

complete business plan

1.Title Page*


2.Write a Plan Summary*


3.Table of Contents*


4.Problem Statement*


5.Business description*


6.Business Accomplishments*


7.Marketing Plan


Summarizing the work into a narrative, your plan will read more easily and look more professional. However, the potential downside to combining the answers into a narrative format is that you may inadvertently leave out a point of major interest to your backers. If you do elect to combine the answers into a narrative, be careful to cover all the points in each exercise.

8.Sales Revenue Forecast*


9.Profit and Loss Forecast*


10.Capital Spending Plan*


11.Cash Flow Forecast*


12.Future Trends


Let’s assume you have a good description of your proposed business, and the business is an extension of something you like and know how to do
well. What will happened if you open a pizza restaurant in small village? You have to ask yourself a question, do people need pizza restaurant in that small village, if they need ask yourself how it will be when you open it and how long you can do that business. Future trends have three basic components:


People’s tastes drive many of the changes our society speeds through. For example, music styles change every few years, and some
bright businesspeople succeed by selling clothing and other accessories associated with each new music style.


If you are going to be successful in your business You have to look into the future and decide where it is going and how that affects what you do today. You should follow trends and try to predict how and on which way will your business expand in future.


Technology is a new items coming out on the market. It is a mighty engine that can pull the economy in new directions at terrific speed. Be sure you are in that technology trend.

12.Risks Facing Your Business


Components that can be risky to your business:


Find out how your business will be different from competition business. If your competition is strong, figure out ways you need to adjust or leverage those strengths to your advantage. Another option is to find a complimentary strength or niche that they are not providing to their prospects and customers.



If there is no direct competition, your business probably involves selling a new product or service, or one that is new to your area.

C.Cycles and Trends

Many businesses have cycles of growth and decline often based on outside factors such as taste, trends or technology.

D.Slow Times

Every business experiences ups and downs. You have to do some drastic efforts when your business experience negative trends.

F.Owner’s Expertise

You should try out new things in your business and see how it will reflect on your profit. Changing thing you can get better result.

G.Cash Flow

Seeing the money come and go on a daily and weekly basis is very different from looking at a yearly Profit and Loss Forecast. You also want to be sure that your business can survive long enough so you can enjoy your profits. If you filled out and regularly use a Cash-Flow Forecast Spreadsheet you should be able to demonstrate that you can survive foreseeable cash flow problems.

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