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Write a Well-Structured Business Letter

Every business letter should have basic business structure and correspondence style which mean that it should contain some basics to be a good, solid business letter. In each type of business letter there will be fine-tuning but main body structure and elements should stay the same.

The Basic, Main structure of a Good Business Letter is:

1. Opening section

2. Action or body section

3. Closing section

In the opening section first thing that a good writer should do is to write a brief letterhead. Letterhead should contain writer’s name (or company name), address of the writer (or writer’s company) – it should contain the name of a street, town (state) and country. The Main Letterhead should been written at the top of the First Page.

Under The Letterhead on the left side, the writer should clearly outline the address etc. of the recipient (the name of the company or person, street name, zip/postal code, town name and country where the business letter will go to:

On the same line but starting from right there should be a reference sign that explains what is the page number of your business letter.

With the recipient’s address and reference sign (from the right side) the opening part of any good business letter is closed and now the writer starts to write actionable items or the body section of the business letter. Very Important is to know that the Opening Section of the business letter is always written with the same structural conventions throughout no matter which type of business letter we are writing.

Action part of a good business letter is the main section [Body] of every business letter in which the writer explains why he wrote this business letter [I am writing because... always give a reason to "tie-down' the objective of the business letter in the mind of your recipient but before that section, there should be written Good Business Letter Opening Phrases. After writing opening phrases and leaving one horizontal-line break margin between, the writer can start with a actionable sentence, part or even section. Actionable parts include three segments. The First Segment is known as beginning of action part. Beginning part should contain a mainly short but explicit presentation (usually in one sentence) about you or your company. We will present you examples later. After the beginning part, the writer should write a main message. It is good to leave at least one horizontal line margin between the introduction and the main structure [Body]. In the main message the writer should clearly state the main purpose pr reason for writing this business letter. The Main Message should be written explicitly and be as direct as possible because it is very important that the reader/recipient understands the business letter at the moment of reading. After we write why we contacted person, recipient or company with our business letter, we should write the Third section which is called the Conclusion or ending part. In the ending of any actionable section, the writer should write sentences in a style an ease so that a reader can understand that we are business people and educated business professionals (usually that should be written in one sentence). You can see most common body, business letter ending phrases within concluding business letter sentences.

After the writer wrote the whole actionable part, he/she should leave one horizontal line margin and start to write the closing part of the business letter.
In the closing section, there should be written a concise closing phrase that can show reader our full respect and knowledge and cogently summarize what we want them to do.

After those closing words and of course one horizontal line margin in between, the writer should put his own signature written in his/her own handwriting. Under that penned signature there should be in type, the writer’s printed name and company (and his/her position in the company if applicable).

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