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Economic Articles, Economic Current Events and Current Event Articles focuses on giving you vital information with the most current Business, Finance and Economic Articles 2012 for capitalizing on the fast-paced world of Business and Investing with Breaking News and related Economic Current Events and Current Event Articles and Content. Whether you’re a seasoned Investor, Entrepreneur, a Start-Up Business Owner, Venture Capitalist or an Employee or even if your interest in the Latest Economic News is purely academic, we want to give you the information you’re looking for to actualize your business and Cash-Flow Objectives in 2011. Our mission is to expand your horizons, spread knowledge and to help you build wealth and enable your business to thrive in today’s complex and changing U.S. and Global Economy!


The term business designates both a commercial activity people engage in as a means of profit or livelihood and the organizations built around such activities. These organizations (also known as enterprises or firms) are designed to provide services, goods or both to consumers of such goods and services. Depending on the type of goods and services they provide, these organizations are grouped into industries (e.g. the oil industry, the agricultural industry, the hi-tech industry…).
In this section, our aim is to give you economic articles, current event articles, relevant and useful tips and information on various business tools and practices that could be useful to you and your business, as well as some general information about the world of business. Find great businesses for sale and other business opportunities such as a Business For Sale by Owner.

Business Plans

A business plan is a formal document that contains a specific set of business goals, the viability of said goals, the reasons why you think your plan will work and other important economic aspects. Creating a business plan is an essential step for every sensible entrepreneur because it outlines a path to your goals and helps you maintain direction, even with some course changes.

In this section, we offer you some advice on how to write a good business plan, as well as some examples to get you started.

the deal
Business agreements and applications
enhance your business
Quick business plan
making internet plan
Complete business plan
business failure
Warning signs of business failure

Website Business

If you’re reading this, it’s safe to presume you know a thing or two about the Internet. In the last decade or so it became an important part of our daily lives and a considerable driving force for a large section of the economy. Even though it is increasingly used for every imaginable thing, it is still being underused, commercially and otherwise. Internet is still a huge opportunity for any enterprise, and in this day and age maintaining an online presence is a necessity.

In this section, we aim to help you make the most of that opportunity by providing information about relevant topics and some sound advice on making a good quality website.

internet business
essential business elements
Website Business Elements
unsolvable problem
Potential Website Problems
target marketing
Importance of web marketing
google bing altavista yahoo
Search engines
networked computers
Web technologies


According to AMA (American Marketing Association), marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offering that have value for customers, clients, partners and society at large. Its purpose is to find out what consumers want and create a product to satisfy their needs and to find consumers for existing products. It deals with consumer analysis, product planning, market analysis, planning of distribution, promotion, prices and sales.

In this section, our aim is to introduce you to various marketing concepts, techniques, raise your awareness of marketing tools and strategies and help you find the right people for your products.

marketing idea
Definition and Overview of Marketing
money from marketing
Increasing Sales From Your Website
learn from customer
Know the Customer
product cycle around
Product Life Cycle
searching the market
Market Profiling


Finance is a branch of the economic science that deals with allocation, management, acquisition and investment of resources and in particular with matters of money and markets. It encompasses a wide variety of disciplines, tools and approaches, all of which are used to manage the flow of money and wealth. Finance is divided into 3 general areas: Business Finance, Personal Finance and Public Finance..

Personal Finance

Personal finance is about applying the principles of finance on the monetary decisions an individual or a family makes. It deals with the ways in which a person or a family obtains money and the decisions they make on saving, spending and budgeting those same monetary resources. It includes all matters of personal money choices, e.g. keeping money on checking or savings accounts, selecting appropriate personal and business credit accounts, various loans and life insurance. Discover the keys to managing and allocating money appropriately and you will realize what the effective movement of money can do to positively affect your personal wealth-building strategies!

Personal finance is always a hot topic, especially in times of economic crisis. That is why, in this section, we want to inform you on different approaches to managing your personal or family budget and help you on your way to a healthier looking bottom line!

economic articles 2012
Personal Consumption Expenditures


Economics is a social science that aims to explain how economies work and the interaction of economic agents through the analysis of the production, distribution and the consumption of goods and services. It studies the flow of goods, services, labor and other resources in an attempt to discover the causes of certain events and behaviors, to recognize trends and to predict future economic events with greater accuracy.


The purpose of this section is to give you a deeper understanding of some basic economic principles and theories, as well as enable you to have a better grasp of the terminology used by economically educated people in the discussion and the description of various topics related to economic current events or the latest economic news.

Absolute advantage
Accelerated tariff elimination
Managing Assets
exceed expenditure
Budget Surplus
general motors certificate
Certificate of Incorporation
real estate agreement
Current Assets
hungry cow milk
Debt Securities
partner deed
Deed of Partnership
money in the trash
Disposable Income
deficit problems
Fiscal Deficit
Fiscal Policy
good and bad gdp
GDP – Gross Domestic Product
throwing money away
Government Spending
empty wallet
pipe money
long term plan
Long-Term Assets
exceed deposits
papers represent securities
money dice
Securities Financing
personal business success
Training for Business Success
distribution of goods
VAT – Value Added Tax


Communication is often defined as the activity of conveying information from sender to recipient. It doesn’t require the presence or awareness of the receiver in the moment of sending, but it does require the sender and the receiver sharing an area of “communicative commonality” as well as the receiver actually receiving a message to complete the communication process. It is also an essential skill for every living being to master in one form or the other. There are many different means of communication, both verbal and non-verbal.

In this section, our aim is to introduce you to different means of communication as well as different communication protocols and customs, with an emphasis on business communication.

Business Letters

The business letter is one of the most important and most common means of business communication. It is more formal than most other types of letters, although the overall style of the letter depends on the relationship between correspondents. It is usually used as a mean of communication between businesses or between businesses and their clients, customers or other parties.

In this section, we intend to introduce you to various types of business letters and various techniques of writing a good business letter.

writing a good business letter
Business Letter
business letter phrases
Opening, Body and Closing Phrases

Debt Management

Mounting credit card debt can be a hassle for you especially when you have a business of your own. It may not only be snatching away your peace of mind, but also wasting your hard earned money in paying off high interest rates. Usually in a business there are certain expenses that cannot be met with a loan or a line of credit [LOC] as the need is urgent in the near term. In such cases, most business owners use their credit cards and available credit to accommodate such immediate financial needs of the business. Credit cards play an important role in helping the business owners allocate money for the growth and expansion of their business products and/or services. However, credit cards can trap business owners in a cycle of debt so much so that the owner finds it difficult to manage his or her creditor/debt obligations. What would he or she do in order to manage his or her business credit card debt most effectively? Read on to find out how business credit card consolidation helps restore a business’ financial profile.

What is Business Credit Card Consolidation?

When business owners have used their credit cards in such a way that they have incurred huge amount of business-related debt, they can seek the help of credit card consolidation strategies and solutions. The business owner can transfer all his high-interest debt to a single credit card that carries a low interest rate. By consolidating your business credit cards, you can reap various financial benefits like:

* Payments become more manageable: By consolidating your business credit cards into a single card, your monthly payments become more manageable and simplified. Since now you are only keeping track of one business credit card or line of credit, you will be able to better manage your payments and get on to growing your business! Instead of remembering multiple due dates on your multiple credit cards, you can easily remember a single due date and become less prone to falling behind on your payments. It may not only be snatching away your peace of mind, but also wasting your hard earned money in paying off high interest rates. Usually in a business there are certain expenses that cannot be met with a conventional loan, business line of credit [LOC] as the need may be urgent in the near term.

* Lower interest rates and monthly payments: As you transfer your high interest balance to a low interest card, you’ll have to pay off the remaining balance with low interest rates. With lower rates, your monthly payments are also lowered and this will make it easier for you to arrange money for your other obligations.

* Helps you avoid bankruptcy: If you keep on incurring credit card debt without doing something to reduce it, you may require filing bankruptcy in the near future. But by managing your monthly payments with credit card consolidation, you can avert the risk of bankruptcy and the hassles associated with it.

Comparing the rates before selecting a low interest card

While you’re consolidating your business credit card debts through the balance transfer way, you need to be very careful about the rates so that you do not strike a bad deal while dealing with your business finances. Comparison shopping is a prerequisite when it comes to getting a new line of credit. Shop around so that you can settle with the lowest and the most competitive rate on the balance transfer card.

Therefore, if you have incurred business credit card debts, you can easily reduce them by consolidating them. Make a wise decision and let Chase help your financial profile and overall business credit by consolidating your business credit card debt with useful economic articles and economic current events in a changing U.S. and World Economy in 2012 with the most current event articles and the best economic articles available in 2012.[ad]

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